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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 13, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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today," till appeal do us part. opponents try to block a judge's decision on same-sex marriage in california. ruckus on the radar. and, what's cooking? what one chef in iowa did to get him slammed with a health fine. captions paid for by nbc-universal television well, hello to you and good morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. supporters of the state's controversial ban known as proposition eight wasted no time. still residents fighting for
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equal rights called a reason to celebrate. nbc's nora walker has more. >> reporter: another victory for prop 8 opponents. they are celebrating babe steps. the judge lifted the stay that's keeping same-sex couples from saying "i do," but they don't have the right to marry just yet. >> we hope we'll be able to marry and announce wedding plans as soon as possible. >> reporter: last week the judge voted it unconstitutional. that silenced any wedding though. thursday judge walker lifted that stay but said prop eight supporters have a week to appeal. there is measured enthusiasm in san francisco's castro district. >> i want to marry my boyfriend as soon as it's legal. >> a hot cookie is its staple. if same-sex couples could mair it could be the icing on the
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proverbial cake. don't think we've done a wedding cookie. >> reporter: the soonest wedding bells will ring is august 18, at 5:00 after the court of appeals decides whether the stay should still be lifted. if lines at san francisco's city hall is any indication there are lots of couples eager to say "i do." this morning there's relief in flint, michigan, one of several communities believed to to have been terrorized by a terrorist. he's responsible for one of 18 attacks in michigan, indiana, and ohio. but more are expected. the israeli citizen was arrested at atlanta's airport while trying to board a flight for israel. investigators in virginia believe it had to do with race. all but three of the victims were black males. residents in iowa and maryland are cleaning up after a
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wave of violent weather. it caused widespread flooding across the state. officials say the rising waters forced hundreds of people out of their homes and left a 16-year-old girl dead. and in about washington, d.c., area an unusual thunderstorm knocked out trees and downed power to thousands of customers. at one point a tree fell into an apartment building slicing the top of a structure in half. four residents were hurt, but fortunately none of the joours were life-threatening. now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in iowa this chef is under hot water after video surfaced of him licking a toad on the internet. they fined the restaurant over $300 for unsanitary conditions. the chef said the incident was only meant as a prank but now admits he did go a little bit too far. hmm. a florida pilot was forced
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to make a emergency landing at a busy mall. it struck a tree, clipped a car, and landed upright. no one was hurt. in illinois it's that time of the year when hundreds of people flock to the state fair to get a look at this. the giant butter cow. over 1,000 pounds of butter was used to sculpt this cow displayed in a refrigerated glass case. the artist always keeps the crowd guessing as to what scenery will surround the cow. and powerful forces are colliding in orlando at the largest star wars convention. jeddi and our tv crew were there to celebrate the anniversary of the empire strikes back. it will feature creator george lucas. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. are you a star wars fan? >> i was.
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think i still am. i like the older movies though, you know, like when we were growing up. let's talk about this heat wave because this was the big story yesterday. along with the thunderstorms that went through the d.c. area, those were pretty bad too. but the heat is covering so much of the country, and this is the end of it. for many areas you're going to get your cooldown later tonight with your thunderstorms. kansas city to st. louis, all of the state of missouri, you're going to get your needed relief after today. further to the south, you'll probably have to wait a little bit longer. look at this today, 100 degrees expected. st. louis, columbia, almost all of st. louis missouri should be near or around 100. our friends in dallas are going do it again. you notice the heat still spreads all the way down to the ohio valley into the southeast. the areas that got a break in the mid-atlantic from d.c., baltimore, philly, new york, washington, d.c., up to boston, this high pressure is going to give you a break all week long. enjoy the nice cool weather while it lasts.
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thunderstorms are whyte widespread. this is a rough morning. the doolcooler air is be behind storm system. in minneapolis you have flash flood warnings. there's a ton of lightning all the way down to outside of rochester. be very careful for your morning commute. there'll be a lot of water, especially on the secondary roads. in fargo, it looks like the line of storms is heading through your region. the forecast, we're stormy in the northern planes, hot to the central planes arngd in the southeast we're not too bad with the exception of areas in new orleans and biloxi with the area of low pressure lingering. as far as atlanta goes, this is gorgeous weather. turn the air conditioners off. we're only going to see a high around 81 degrees. another cool day after a hot, hot summer. that's a look at your friday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. st. louisings as we mentioned, 100 grease. heat index, near 110. austin, texas, not much cooler,
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99. albuquerque at 95. birmingham, alabama, hopefully we give you an afternoon storm to help cool you off. veronica, a lot of areas got a lot cooler yesterday. i know in new york city, only in the 70s for the first time in weeks. >> and it was gorgeous too. >> it was a nice change of pace. we're the lucky ones. >> cisco sinks stocks and a judge comes down hard on a woman for stealing. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus lindsay lohan might finally be getting good news in rehab. tigers in the hunt, phillies put the hex on the dodgers. you're watching "early today."
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back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. engineers will know by today if earlier efforts to create a
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temporary plug on the well may have had the effect of creating a permanent seal. they'll find out if they need to go ahead with a permanent seal. that would involve shooting mud and cement into the well from the bottom. wikileaks says it's getting ready to release the rest of the war documents it has on file. they published documents, a move that infuriated federal officials. it may risk security and additional lives. still no verdict in the case of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. jurors told the jury they've only been able to agree on two of 240 counts. the judge told them to keep trying. he's charged of 22 counts including attempting to find a successor to president obama's senate seat. a meteor shower dotted the skies.
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the annual persoid meteor occurred. here's a look at how the wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,319. taking a look at oversees trading the nikkei gained 40 points but in hong kong the hang seng lost 34. proceed with caution, that seems to be the go-to phrase on the street as corporate and economic data warn investors of a rough day ahead. cisco continues its downward slide dropping 10%. new claims for jobless benefits came close to a six-month high last week further dampening the sentiment about the stalled economy. today's data is all about the consumers. it should tick slightly higher following a fresh read on consumer sentiment later this morning. or kel has brought suit against
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going. . they claim, quote, they india has set a deadline of august 31st to hand over access to corporate e-mail accounts. research in motion says it will not compromise its services with, quote, special deals for any country. as expected, general motors posted its biggest quarterly profit in six years on the same day ceo ed whittaker announced his retirement. nvidia sent its shays up 6% but late reports from retailers weren't so rosy. nordstrom shares fell 4%. in the meantime bargain chain coles slid as it forecast its outlook for the rest of the year. finally an unusual sentence for a woman in pennsylvania convicted of embezzling nearly
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half a million dollar from her former employer. instead of being sentenced to the big house she's been sentenced to the house arrest while she works to pay back the stolen cast. a little procrastinating from the blue jays, plus don't mess around with this kid. a young fan comes through for the phillies. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. while many areas of the country are going to enjoy cool temperatures and just in time. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, last night the phillies rallied from a seven-run deficit late in the game to stun the l.a. dodgers. here's nbc's mario solis with all of your morning headlines. >> they're going to want to thank one little fan. let's go to phillies. this young fan putting the hex on the dodgers in ninth. of course, it wouldn't work right. think again. down 9-6. they go right between casey blake's legs. 2-1 score. the mini ma jish shan casting another spell on closer broxton. carlos luis whipping a run off.
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the little guy is stunned and so are the dodgers. they score eight in the final two and win, 10-9. giants and cubs. a grand slam for the second homer of the game. chicago comes back to tie it, but in ninth, he says enough is enough. a walk-off single. he hits a pair, giants win, 8-7. santana pitching a gem against the rockies. santana, ten strikeouts and pitching a complete game. mets' sus spelkded closer rodriguez, two games after being charged with assaulting his father-in-law on wednesday. no closer, no problem. mets win, 4-0. to toronto, red sox up two in the ninth. batista with his 39th homer in the year. they would tie it with an rbi double which sets up the most exciting play in baseball. okay, maybe not.
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a sack fly. the sox collapse in the ninth. jays win it, 6-5. pga championship, tiger's starting to look like tiger again. struggling a bit on the back nine but finishes a respectable one under. bubba watson and francisco are your leaders after yesterday's opening round. that's your look at sports on "early today." i'm mario solis. actress julia roberts takes on a group of manly men at the box office. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, we'll tell you about a college student who's figuring out her career pact one week at a time. you're watching "early today."
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well, welcome back. time for your weekend forecast. time is flying by. a lot f o schools are starting in the south. today, 105 in dallas. you're going to be in the 100s all week long. today the thunderstorms are going to cool you off in minneapolis. eventually they'll make their way through chicago, st. louis, kansas city. notice here you're about 92. very beautiful weekend in new england. the mid-atlantic should be very cool at night and during the day should be sunny and beautiful. even atlanta could cool off with storms on saturday and by the time we get to sunday we're going to see more good weather. look at the highs yesterday. it was only 76 in new york and
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75 in boston. it will be warmer but still very, very nice. enjoy it. well, if you are watching us on wmctv u news 5 meet batty creatures at the animals of the night exhibit where you can meet over 400 bats in flight. and that's your "early today" event of the day, veronica. that sounds cool. useful trivia for you. the only ma'am mall that could fly -- >> the bat, i guess. >> that would be right. thank you, bill. well, now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. it's going to be an extreme battle of the secs at the box office with comebacks from two power houses. sylvester stallone in the expendables. it also stars. it's supposed to be a hit with male movie-goers and is expected to fetch upwards of $30 million. "eat, pray, love" stars jewel
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rah roberts as a career girl who searches for herself after a break-up. it's gets mixed reviews but is expected to get somewhere in the 20s. scott pilgrim versus the world. it stars michael cera who falls for a girl and has to dough feet her seven evil exes in order to be with her. it should take somewhere in the teen millions. >> finally, lindsay lohan is likely to be released early from her 90-day rehab but there's no word how much earlierite e going to be. all right, bill. it's my birthday. forget all those movies because i hear that bill karins is actually going to be jumping out of a birthday cake for me? >> i thought we were going to do that off camera. they'll just wheel me right into your studio. >> everybody should be allowed to see that. we'll have to tape them for that. >> fridays are a good day to have your birthday on. >> it is.
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friday the 13th, as a matter of fact. >> now we're really getting a little spooky. >> this comes to us from kxas in dallas ford worth where one's career pact is taking a lot of turns. this college junior is trying auto different job every week for the whole summer. so far she's worked for a bike shop, a coffee maker, and an online company and as a dental assistant and then a nature guide. now she's in retail and is hoping the adventure will help her choose her dream job. i'm veronica de la cruz, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. air has no prejudice...
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and get a second one free. like the curve. only at verizon. it is friday, august 13th. a live look outside right now. the washington monument off in the distance. a few showers for some of us early this morning. for the most part nothing like we saw around the area yesterday. good morning, everybody. >> welcome to news 4 today for this friday, august 13th. it is friday the 13th. >> it is. i wasn't going emphasize that. >> this morning our area is cleaning u from another round of storms. the images are stunning. winds sent a tree crashing on to this home on gallatin street
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here. >> the view from the skies is just amazing. this is some of the damage in gaithersburg. trees toppled on to homes, power lines and major roadways. montgomery county was particularly hit hard by yesterday's storms. >> here is a look at the damage on the ground this is old-time gaithersburg. a section of this tin roof thrown off of a restaurant. another part blew across the street. nobody hurt in that incident either. darcy spencer spoke with some gaithersburg residents who were in thein their homes during the storm. >> reporter: maria heard things fa


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